Machine vision

Machine vision expertise aims to meet the needs of B2B customers in order to automate the reading and vision of some specific technological components, inherent to various industrial machines. Machine lighting, precision and accuracy of specific actions, clarity sensitivity and image resolution are, among other things, an integral part of the purpose of the machine vision expertise.

Collaborating with trusted partners presenting reliable and efficient technologies and products, whether it is various industrial lights, smart cameras, artificial intelligence vision systems or any other product, be assured we can identify the products you need in order to improve the industrial vision of your business equipment and optimize the productivity of your daily tasks.

However, if you have a project that requires a customized engineered solution you can always rely on our team demonstrating in-depth expertise and valuing collaboration. You will thereby benefit from an innovative technological solution, tailor-made to meet your needs.

Main machine vision products

  • Application development software
  • Deep learning system | Smart vision
  • High bandwidth processors and real-time processing
  • Image acquisition sensors
  • Industrial lights | Ring, coaxial, dome, linear, grazing, ultraviolet (UV), spotlight, area lighting, backlit
  • Infrared vision system
  • Laser scanners
  • Smart cameras or machine vision cameras
  • 3D vision system

Main machine vision applications

  • Color analysis
  • Distance measurement between two points
  • Inspection of specific objects
  • Machine vision lighting
  • Quality control

Do not hesitate to consult the various industrial applications to give you new ideas according to your industry or sector, or to consult our achievements in the form of specific case studies to find out what we have achieved with other businesses.

Your needs cover various expertises. Do not hesitate to consult our complete list of areas of expertise in order to find the various products you are looking for.


Machine Vision Partners: Banner | IFM | Imaging Source | Matrox Imaging | Teledyne Dalsa