Banner Engineering



Products designed by Banner Engineering, global leader in industrial process & automation, allow to acquire efficiency, control & security.

Banner Engineering products

  • Barcode readers
  • E -Stop devices
  • Multiple sensors
  • Lighting and indication | Industrial lighting, tower lights, touch buttons, illuminated e-stop buttons
  • Machine safety products | Safety controllers, light screens and switches
  • Machine vision products | Vision sensors, vision lighting, smart cameras
  • Software and other product accessories
  • Wireless monitoring solutions | Industrial wireless radios, controllers, sensors, push buttons and switches, indicators and touch buttons

An added-value partner

Thousands of products related to various fields of expertise. Banner develops hundreds of new, innovative products every year and provides tailored solutions for challenging applications, cost effectively and quickly.

Its industry-leading sensors, photo eyes, and related products help customers boost efficiency, guarantee quality, monitor processes, and keep employees safe.

To learn more about Banner Engineering products for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.