Food and Beverage Industry

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The food and beverage industry is omnipresent and of paramount importance, no matter where we are on the planet, since it meets the vital needs to feed and drink of all living beings. It includes a variety of sectors and its automation needs are numerous. In order to perform and remain constantly competitive on the market, businesses in this industry must certainly rely on components and industrial machines at the cutting edge of technology, on top of relying on the optimization of their technological resources already in place.

Whether it requires expertise in automation, heavy industry, IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things, machine safety, machine vision, motion control, robotics and cobotics or traceability, each business always benefits from our in-depth expertise of the industrial sector in order to identify the best products, the best technology or the most appropriate solution for their needs.

Main industrial sectors Food and Beverage Industry

  • Farming | Dairy, grain, animal farms, etc.
  • Food manufacturing | Baked goods, pastries, prepared meals, pasta, pet food, etc.
  • Food packaging | Bottles, boxes, cans, tins, flexible packaging, etc.
  • Food processing | Cereals, fruits & vegetables, meat & poultry, fish & shellfish, etc

Main industrial sectors Food and Beverage Industry

  • Automation | Automation of technological components or industrial machines
  • IIoT | Intelligent interfaces, wireless communication and connection of industrial objects
  • Machine safety | Proven safety mechanisms and systems
  • Machine vision | Quality control, detection and reading of precise data
  • Motion Control | Coordination of precise, repetitive or preprogrammed movements
  • Robotics & cobotics | Robotization of precise or random tasks, autonomous or non-autonomous
  • Traceability | Identification of food containers and other food products



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