About us

Founded in 1981

Founded in 1981, Rotalec is a company specializing in the distribution of industrial automation products, as well as in the design of innovative technological solutions having its head office in Montreal for more than 40 years. However, Rotalec has grown into an international business with Canadian offices in Quebec, Maritimes and Ontario, as well as United States offices in Minnesota, with engineering services and distribution not limited to those regions.

In order to well respond to the various needs of its B2B customers, the company covers various areas of expertise, such as automation, heavy industry, IIoT, machine safety, machine vision, motion control, robotics and cobotics and traceability.

Furthermore, collaborating with trusted partners standing out in their field of expertise, the company is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality, highly reliable products and technologies. Also, due to some specific partnerships, you can benefit from proven technologies that further improve your business efficiency.

Otherwise, since each business has its own technological challenges and sometimes products alone cannot solve all the various problems, that is why Rotalec also has a Project Division in order to offer you the best solution to solve your technical issues.

Offering a multitude of solutions to meet the various businesses needs – whether it is customized engineered solutions, specialized technical support or specific partners training – to collaborate with us allows you to benefit from our professional team’s vast knowledge of the industrial sector.

Thereby, over the years, the company has demonstrated great achievements by overcoming a wide range of various technological challenges and by always being attentive to its customers needs. The objective always remains the same for each project: to clearly define the challenge in order to design the optimal solution and allow us to obtain the ideal desired result.

Also, no matter what the required area of expertise is, Rotalec serves various B2B customers, whether it is in the food and beverage, manufacturing, energy, health, sports, forest, heavy or marine industry, governmental entities or the original equipment manufacturing sector – OEMs, among others.

In order to constantly offer a service that meets our customer’s expectations, it goes without saying that it is essential to count on a team of qualified professionals coming from different business sectors. Whether it is the sales Division, the engineering project Division, the customer service, the procurement, the marketing, the human resources, the IT or the finance Divisions, as well as logistics, each employee plays a key role in our success.


Collaboration, simplicity, professionalism and excellence are at the heart of the Rotalec’s experience and forges the team it values. Rotalec is therefore very proud to count on trusted partners presenting reliable and efficient technologies and products, on top of relying on its team demonstrating in-depth expertise, valuing collaboration with its customers.