Products designed by Primatics aim to meet exacting requirements for complex machines as well as OEM products by offering high precision motion systems.

Primatics products

  • Custom Motion | Gantry, Gimbal, Linear, Machine, etc.
  • Positioning Products | Linear stages, Rotary stages and Motion controls
  • Accessories | Cables, Mounting, Special environments, Stacking services

An added-value partner

High Precision Motion Systems and Positioning Devices. Primatics designs and builds precision motion systems to meet exacting requirements for both one-of-a-kind complex machines and high-volume OEM products. They deliver solutions to help optimize production and reduce costs, even at low volumes.

Primatics is on the leading edge of standard and custom motion positioning system solutions. Easy access lube ports, internal cabling and contaminant rejection systems, among other unique solutions, make Primatics products easy to integrate and effortless to maintain.

To learn more about Primatics products for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.