Products designed by Novotechnik, global sensor & transducer manufacturer, aim to bring higher level of linearity & reliability to non-contacting applications.

Novotechnik products

  • Cables, Connectors & Couplings
  • Display & Signal Conditioners
  • Linear position sensors | Rod type, Touchless, Side Actuated, Rod type with Return Spring, In-Cylinder, Open System
  • Rotary/Angle sensors | Shaft type, Touchless Rotary, Hollow Shaft, Multi-Turn, Automotive, Open Systems

An added-value partner

The technique of being better. Novotechnik developed technology used in position transducers and rotary and linear potentiometers that set the standard with outstanding linearity and reliability over an extended operating life. Novotechnik has developed new technologies that are raising the standard, bringing a new level of linearity and reliability to non-contacting applications.

Novotechnik develops and produces a wide variety of rotary, and linear position sensors using contacting and non-contacting technologies for a wide range of motion control applications.

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