Products designed by Nidec-Shimpo aim to serve motion control and servo motor market, on top of being dependable and meet higher levels of precision.

Nidec-Shimpo products

  • Power transmission | High precision or heavy industrial gearboxes, Rack & Pinion, Wheel drive packages
  • Precision instrumentation | Process meters, Speed, Force, Torque and Dimensional products
  • Press machinery | Presses, Automation solutions, Controls, Pressroom products, Robotics
  • Ceramics equipment | Pottery wheels, Pugmills, Kilns, Slab Rollers, Banding Wheels, Ball Mills

An added-value partner

All for dreams. Nidec-Shimpo is producing more than 30,000 servo motor speed reducers per month, in addition to its other products. More impressive than the volume put forth is the consistent level of high quality attained. With the marketplace continuing to demand higher levels of precision, NIDEC-SHIMPO continues to push forward in the development of high quality, dependable products to meet those specifications, and at a price point that allows customers to be competitive in the global arena.

To learn more about Nidec-Shimpo products for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.