What is the new generation of advanced HMI?

Specialized in industrial automation meeting various industries needs, Rotalec provides IIoT solutions for various types of industrial businesses. A variety of products is offer from Ethernet Modems, Industrial PCs to HMI Software, SCADA Software and many more. However, what are the characteristics that make an advanced HMI stands out for the pack?

As if an all-round superman, HMI nowadays is empowered with a wide variety of capabilities, such as data display, machine control, data storage, PLC communication, protocol translation, graphical display, alarm notification, media playback, and IIoT integration. For an advanced HMI, these capabilities are perceived as basic requirements, but at the same time they do put heavy burden on HMI’s computing units.

Meanwhile, as people these days get used to operating speedy consumer devices like smartphones and tablets, they seek and expect similar experience and operation speed when working with an HMI.

To answer those ever growing needs, in the USA, Weintek now releases its cMT X Series HMI: cMT3092X / cMT3152X / cMT3162X. cMT X Series, boasting the most powerful processor compared to those adopted by similar products, can overcome the most difficult computational challenges to meet all the expectations for a high-speed HMI.

What are the Brand new cMT X Series upgrades?

-    Equipped with A17 quad-core CPU, the cMT X Series has 4 times more computing power*, and even 12 times* more graphics processing power thanks to its high-performance dedicated 3D processor.
-    For users who adopt “cMT HMI + CODESYS controller” solution, the powerful processor ensures that cMT X Series delivers swift and smooth operating experience even with CODESYS running.
-    cMT X Series models feature comprehensive peripheral connectivity, including dual Ethernet ports, RS232, RS485 2W/4W, and CAN Bus communication ports, USB Host port, and built-in mono speaker.
-    It also provides what cMT Series already offers, such as the innovative cMT software architecture, powerful and extensive PLC connectivity, IIoT integrability, EasyAccess 2.0 remote service, and pass-through support.
-    Apart from rich functionalities, the appearance of cMT X Series is characterized by distinctive minimalist black design and silver frame that accentuate its well-polished look and superior quality.
-    In addition, cMT3162X adopts the oTP integrated touch solution which helps to realize a lighter and slimmer design while offering unprecedented high-resolution, high-transmittance visual experience.
*CPU performance data based on DMIPS; graphical performance data based on GFLOPS

Are there any other enhancements?

With the release of the cMT X Series, upgraded in every aspect compared to its predecessors, the following enhancements that deliver novel user experience will be available as well:
-    Easy Monitoring – WebView: without the need for installing any additional software, it is possible to monitor HMI simply using a browser on a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.
-    Brand New Interface – Web 2.0: The revamped web interface delivers outstanding user experience in not only configuring HMI, but also viewing data sampling and event log. Additionally, the web access is secured with encrypted data transmission.
-    Intuitive Control – Gesture Operations: cMT3152X / cMT3162X is built with capacitive type multi-touch screen that supports EasyBuilder Pro’s latest gesture feature to enable operations by intuitive gestures.
-    Vibrational Feedback – Event Alerts: cMT3162X has a built-in vibrator that can feedback touch or event alerts by vibration.

The hardware and software advantages make cMT X Series an easy fit in diverse applications and a key role in system integration.

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.01 or later

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