The Internet of Things Improves Manufacturing Efficiency and Reduces the Potential for Lost Production Time

The Internet of Things Improves Manufacturing Efficiency and Reduces the Potential for Lost Production Time

Having poor maintenance schedules – or no maintenance schedules at all – creates an opportunity for machine failure, which contributes to lost production time. Sooner or later, poorly maintained machines will become slow, inefficient, and eventually break down.

As you know, loss of production time means huge losses in orders to your customers, time-consuming maintenance and repair, firefighting (unscheduled overtime), and a premium paid for replacement parts.

In the past it could be difficult to predict when a machine might fail, even with the use of a strong maintenance schedule. However, with new advances in technology and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers now have unprecedented access to a wealth of valuable machine data.

Through the IoT, we are seeing an emerging ability to automate preventative maintenance programs, allowing the information from the machines to forecast issues based on performance, duty cycles, etc.

A recent article from Manufacturing Automation discusses this topic, giving three ways to use the IoT and data from machines to automate the repair of equipment:

  1. Use IoT sensors in equipment to signal when repairs are needed before small issues become real problems. This would automate preventive maintenance programs, even allowing for automatic activation of work orders if a part is malfunctioning. The machine could schedule its own preliminary service call and order its own parts!
  2. Use IoT data to improve performance and efficiency.With the data provided by IoT sensors, manufacturers can get a better sense of how machines and parts are performing. Using this new insight, you could optimize machine performance and improve business processes.
  3. Use self-diagnostics and reporting sensors to auto-inspect equipment.Late or missed inspections will no longer happen when the IoT is properly utilized. Technicians would be able to view equipment’s performance levels remotely, without ever needing to conduct a manual inspection unless called for.

 “The ability to install data-collecting sensors in your equipment can yield a huge amount of information, which, for manufacturers, can mean a total product-support redesign. Connected equipment and the influx of big data will be especially transformative when it comes to how manufacturers and dealers manage their preventive maintenance and customer loyalty programs.”

Click here to read the article in Manufacturing Automation.

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