Weintek USA is a world class manufacturer of leading edge HMI and IIOT solutions. As a true manufacturer, with their own manufacturing and R&D, Weintek is pushing the boundaries of what an HMI or an IIOT device can accomplish.

With features such as Secure Remote Connection with PLC Pass Through, you can eliminate extra 3rd party devices for remote connection, securely.

Additionally, the ability to serve our screens to your mobile device (phone, tablet, pc) allows supreme flexibility for operators, maintenance personnel and supervisors.  This can be utilized by up to 2 devices and still allow independent operation of the local HMI.  All without the connection and latency issues associated with a webserver!

The cMT Series also has the ability to add Remote I/O and Soft PLC functionality!

With CODESYS and Weintek iR Series Remote I/O the power of the cMT series can be fully utilized to offer a complete control solution.


Our cMT Series Gateways are a compact and dynamic solution for your IIOT needs.


Collecting data from machines can be difficult, especially if you have multiple devices speaking different languages (protocols).

Weintek’s IIOT gateways support 325+ protocols, protocol conversion, event detection, email support, database syncing, data logging and optional secure remote VPN access.  A full line, with options for ethernet, wifi, serial bridge and ethernet bridge, the possible solutions are extensive.

Weintek is on the leading edge of technology.

Weintek’s cMT SVR series of Faceless HMI’s is a unique and innovative solution that solves problems and saves cost for our customers everyday.  Serving your screens to your mobile device not only saves money, but solves a series of challenges seen with traditional HMI’s.

Weintek’s WiFi enabled HMI’s and IIOT devices lead the industry.

WiFi can be a powerful technology to connect devices where physical connectivity is difficult.

Weintek continues to expand our offering of WiFi enabled devices, setting us apart from the competition and providing truly innovative solutions for our customers.

As a true manufacturer, Weintek provides technology that opens up possibilities only dreamed about by automation professionals in the past.  Providing real solutions to complex problems with easy to use, powerful hardware and software on the leading edge of automation technology!

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