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Main products

  • AccuPick | Random Bin Picking
  • Solvision | Machine Vision
  • Solmotion | Vision Guided Robot
  • Solscan | Scanner

AccuPick 3D | Random Bin Picking

  • A gold honoree of Vision Systems Design’s Innovator Award, AccuPick 3D represents the state-of-the-art and comprehensive robotic picking solution for manufacturing and logistics industries. AccuPick 3D is comprised of three distinct but seamlessly integrated hardware and software modules:
    • 3D Scanner | AccuPick supports multiple 3D scanner technologies in obtaining 3D images of the work pieces, including structured light, Time-of-Flight (ToF), active stereo vision, laser.
    • Image Analysis Software | 3D point clouds generated are instantly analyzed by AccuPick’s powerful deep learning software to recognize, segment, and locate work pieces.
    • Bin Collision Avoidance | In many applications robots with gripper need to reach deep inside of a bin to pick a work piece, AccuPick provides an optional module that optimizes robot path and prevents collision against bin.
  • Key Advantages
    • Recognition of widest range of objects and patterns
    • Fast cycle time
    • Optimized robot path to avoid collision
    • Choice of 3D scanners
    • Compatible with the most number of robot brands
    • User-friendly interface and simple set up
  • Smart manufacturing
    • Pick-and-Place
    • Machine Loading
    • Pick-and-Drop
    • Sorting
    • Kitting
    • Assembly
    • Packaging
    • Complex Patterns
    • Conveyor Picking
  • Smart Logistics
    • Order Picking
    • Parcel Picking
    • De-Palletization

Solmotion | Vision Guided Robot

  • Solmotion blends 3D vision and machine learning to enhance manufacturing exibility and productivity. Solmotion intelligently identies work pieces randomly placed, pinpoints their positions and orientations, then commands robot to carry out specic tasks with high tracking accuracy. 3D vision guided robot (VGR) can be used for applications including sealing, inspection, welding, assembly, labeling, among others.
  • Key Advantages
    • Cut mechanical tooling costs
    • Reduce changeover time
    • Superior return on investment
    • Easy interface to set up the robot path
  • Applications
    • Sealing
    • Inspection
    • Assembly
    • Label

Solvision | Defect and pattern inspections with AI Machine Vision

  • Solvision offers a simple and intuitive tool to solve complex machine vision problems. The software, built on layers of advanced neural networks, is best used to recognize irregular patterns and features. Detecting defects such as stains, scratches, burrs, cracks, identifying missing components or items, or sorting similar looking objects are examples of applications easily manageable using Solvision.
  • Key Advantages
    • Easy to learn and implement
    • Export detection results
    • Recognize differences difficult for eyes to see
    • Lear from good sample only
    • Support robot pick and place
  • Various applications

Solscan | Multi-purposed 3D structured light scanner

  • Solscan 3D scanner is an aordable tool for users seeking to develop their own 3D vision applications. Based on DLP technology from Texas Instruments, Solscan has been deployed in industries as diverse as automotive, consumer products, e-commerce, logistics, footwear and electronics industries.
  • Key Advantages
    • High fidelity color scan
    • Supports Genlcam 3D standard
    • Proven scanner for 3D application development
  • Applications
    • Object Recognition & Classification
    • Robot Guiding
    • Measurement
    • Object Scanning
    • Pick & Place
    • VR/AR 3D

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