Rethink Robotics

Rotalec presents Sawyer! Our new high performance collaborative robot.

Sawyer is a revolutionary collaborative robot (COBOT) designed to perform tasks that cannot be accomplished with traditional industrial robots. Sawyer offers manufacturers a high-performance automation tool they need, while maintaining flexibility, security and affordability. Sawyer has a robotic arm with 7 degrees of freedom and a total length of 1260mm to maneuver within tight working environments alongside its creator (human). Its built-in applied force sensing enables it to make adaptive decisions as work is competed, allowing Sawyer to operate accurately (+/- 0.1mm) while operating safely near people.

All in one solution

That’s Rethink’s unique approach – providing a fully integrated COBOT solution with technical support and top-notch customer service.

Quick to deploy

Our software-controlled robots, combined with the ClickSmart gripper family, enable our robots to be put into service quickly on a multitude of tasks and applications, without a long, tedious custom setup.

Force sensing

With Sawyer’s built-in force sensors, the robots precisely set the force deployed on delicate part insertions. You can also use ‘force feedback’ in spots where you need to check that parts are properly installed.

Integrated vision system

Sawyer is equipped with an integrated vision system. An industrial camera in Sawyer’s wrist will activate the Robot Positioning System so with no additional hardware, software or integration costs, the robot can perform complex vision tasks.

Small footprint but a great reach

With 7 degrees of freedom and a range of 1260mm, Sawyer easily integrates into working environments designed for people and can maneuver in small spaces, much like a human arm would!

Certified safe

While traditional robots are insulated in safety cages, Sawyer is intrinsically safe, designed to work alongside people and meets ISO requirements by TÜV Rheinland (ISO 10218-1:2011 and PLd Cat. 3).

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