LASE’s innovative, high-quality laser sensors and laser-based systems have been trusted by customers worldwide since 1990 – providing accurate measurements in even the most challenging operating conditions. LASE’s products and operational practices are ISO 9001:2008 certified and SCC** 2011 accredited, ensuring maximum standardisation, transparency, and reliability.

LASE’s product offering includes:

  • Automatic stacking cranes, container profiling vessels, damage inspectors, truck classification gates, positioning cranes, lifting prevention, and load collision prevention systems for port logistics.
  • Bulk volume conveyors, bunkers, and heaps for mining volume and bulk train loading stations.
  • Collision prevention applications, rotary car dumpers, and truck volume measurement for mining logistics.
  • Slab dimension and profile measurements, billet thickness casting machines, heavy-plate dimension measurements for steel dimension and coil positioning trailers and wagons, coil profiling yards, and slab positioning yards, furnaces, and tracking roller table for steel logistics.
  • Laser tracking and people counting systems for building automation.
  • Waste volume incinerators for waste logistics.

LASE’s products can be used in anti-collision, dimension, fill level, monitoring, positioning, profile, volume, and warehouse applications by the port, mining, steel, building automation, and waste industries.

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