KabelSchlepp is the original inventor of the modern cable and hose carrier chain. It’s been an innovative industry leader for more than fifty years, providing individual components and complete turn-key solutions.

KabelSchlepp’s cable hose and carrier accessories include:

  • Plastic Open Style: These basic-line, solid plastic cable carriers can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Hybrid Open Style: This type of cable carrier is lightweight, strong, and easy to install.
  • Covered Tube Style: Covered cable carriers provide complete enclosed tube-style hoses for maximum durability.
  • 3D Line (Robotrax): Robotrax is perfect for multi-axis movement applications, maintaining a pre-determined minimum bend radius for superior performance.
  • Steel Cable Carriers: These provide solutions for extreme applications. They’re robust, durable, and capable of carrying heavy mechanical loads.
  • Cables: KabelSchlepp’s cables are specially designed from the ground up for use in cable and hose carriers, ensuring superior performance.
  • Complete Cable Carrier System (Totaltrax): A Totaltrax system is custom designed to meet your unique needs. It comes to you assembled, ready-to-connect, and ready-to-install.

KabelSchlepp provides solutions for the machine tool, material handling and cranes, oil and gas, aluminum and steel processing, general manufacturing, and factory automation industries.

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