Banner Engineering

Radar, Wireless, Indicators

Banner Engineering is the global leader in industrial and process automation. Its industry-leading sensors, photo eyes, and related products help customers boost efficiency, guarantee quality, monitor processes, reduce costs, and keep employees safe. Banner’s products include:

  • Photo eyes
  • Fiber optic and ultrasonic sensors
  • Wireless sensors and monitoring controls
  • E-Stop devices
  • Safety controllers, light screens, and switches
  • Machine vision
  • Vision sensors and lighting
  • Indicator lights

Banner develops hundreds of new, innovative products every year and provides tailored solutions for challenging applications cost effectively and quickly. Click here to learn more about Banner Engineering.

Banner Engineering’s programmable K50 Pro touch buttons!

Combine proven touch technology and ruggedness with the added versatility of RGB LEDs. The K50 Pro touch buttons are compatible with the Pro Editor software for easy customization, and sequence mode is included on IO-Link models and can be used to indicate level, takt time, and more.

Click here to learn more about the Banner k-50 pro touch series.

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