Sign, sign, everywhere is a sign

Sign, sign, everywhere is a sign

Corner on Safety


While driving home yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about what to write for this week’s safety blog when I realized that I was entering a road construction zone. The sign read, “WARNING CONSTRUCTION AHEAD”. There were construction workers patching potholes and re-striping the center line on a feeder road near my home. One person held a sign that said, “SLOW” and waved at passers-by to use caution. I immediately went into safe driving mode and concentrated on my surroundings. When I left the construction zone, I changed my speed and proceeded to go home, but was more conscious of my driving.

There are signs all around us. Some like the construction zone are very obvious and are easy to notice. Others may be less apparent, such as how you might be feeling that day, or environmental intangibles, or even a work area that is left unclean. Signs are always there, we just have to know what to look for.

To maintain safety, we all must be self-aware of our surroundings in all that we do for ourselves and those around us.

So, what is your sign?

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