Machine Safety Services

Rotalec has supported crane electrification requirements for over 30 years.  We supply a wide variety of quality electrical products and provide full-service solutions including assembly and commissioning. Our product range includes festoons systems for all applications, drives, brakes, radio remote control, arm chair system and joysticks, rotary and linear feedback mechanisms as well as radar and laser positioning systems. Rotalec’s experts will create custom solutions developed specifically according to your requirements and manufacturer specifications.

If you need parts or technical service, our factory trained technical support staff would be pleased to work with you to ensure you get the right part as quickly as possible.

Specialized Machine Safety Services

Rotalec offers our unmatched expertise for your machine safety needs, including:

– Machine Risk Assessments

– Machine Safety Recommendations

– Products from Our Manufacturing SafetyPartners (e.g. safety switches, light curtains, etc.)

– Installation of Machine Safety Products

– Machine Safety Training for Employers and Operators

Our experienced technicians will ensure your environment is compliant with all relevant safety standards. We will work by your side to make your site a safer place without sacrificing productivity or quality.

Talk to the Experts

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