Customized Cable Harness and Connectorization Solutions

Rotalec has a cable harness and connectorization solution that’s right for you. We provide full-service solutions – including removing existing systems, recommending parts, and building and installing systems – by collaborating with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and integration developers to create custom turn-key solutions.

If you need parts or technical service, our experts will work with your engineering and installation team to deliver the best results. Our factory trained technicians will come to your facility to:

  • Prepare an audit detailing the cable track dimensions, cable and hose requirements, connectors, and condition of the existing cable track.
  • Design a solution that is custom to your application.
  • Supply both the cable track alone or fully harnessed and connectorized cable tracks.

Our cable harness and connectorization solutions offer:

  • Long runs (over 700ft), high speeds (above 5m per second), and heavy tracks
  • Articulated cable carriers, delivering increased flexibility and durability.
  • Military-grade style connectors.
  • Rotary applications (see example application below)
  • A large variety of products ranging from the smallest up to 1m/300m.

Rotalec has been working side-by-side with customers to customize cable harness and connectorization solutions for over four decades. We work with trusted suppliers – including KabelSchlepp and Vahle – to deliver the best products and systems to you.

Cable Harness and Connectorization Applications

Our experts have extensive experience working with a range of industries – especially nuclear, oil and gas, steel and heavy industry, food and beverage – and expertise in dressing robotic arms and supply solutions for the automotive industry (example below).

 Cabling and Connectorization Manufacturers

Kabel Schlepp Logo

KabelSchlepp is the original inventor of the modern cable and hose carrier chain. It has been a leader in its field since 1954, with a product range extending from one-off components to turn-key systems.

Wherever faster installation, shorter production times, longer service life, and higher machine cycles are needed, KabelSchlepp is the solution.

Click here to learn more about KabelSchlepp.

Vahle has been leading the Mobile Electrification Industry since 1912. Keeping that focus has enabled Vahle to develop proven, reliable components trusted by customers around the world.

Our customers rely on Vahle to provide reliable, low maintenance, and long-lasting systems.

Click here to learn more about Vahle.