Crane Electrification Systems

Rotalec has supported crane electrification requirements for over 30 years.  We supply a wide variety of quality electrical products and provide full-service solutions including assembly and commissioning. Our product range includes festoons systems for all applications, drives, brakes, radio remote control, arm chair system and joysticks, rotary and linear feedback mechanisms as well as radar and laser positioning systems. Rotalec’s experts will create custom solutions developed specifically according to your requirements and manufacturer specifications.

If you need parts or technical service, our factory trained technical support staff would be pleased to work with you to ensure you get the right part as quickly as possible.

Our factory trained technicians:

  • Perform audits detailing the electrical and mechanical requirements of your system.
  • Create solutions customized to your application and unique needs.
  • Supply partial or complete solutions.

Rotalec has been working side-by-side with customers for over forty years to provide tailor-made crane systems and solutions. We work with only the best suppliers – including Vahle, J.R. Merritt, KabelSchlepp, Symeo, Emerson and more – to provide you with industry-leading products and systems.

Crane Electrification Systems and Solution Applications

Our experts have extensive experience providing solutions for a diverse range of industries – including steel and mining, ports, automotive, cold storage, and warehousing.

Cabling and Connectorization

Cabling and Connectorization Manufacturers

Vahle has been the global industry leader in mobile electrification since 1912 with expertise in absolute positioning systems, festoon cable systems, conductor bar systems, mobile data communication systems, controls, and more. Customers around the world trust Vahle to provide long-lasting and low-maintenance systems.

Learn more about Vahle.


J.R. Merritt provides its global customer base with innovative, durable products and solutions including crane cap chairs, controllers, joysticks, switches, and more. Its hand-crafted controllers are tested in its U.S.-based facility to stand up to the toughest conditions, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and reliability.

Learn more about J.R. Merritt.


KabelSchlepp is the original inventor of the modern cable and hose carrier chain. It’s remained a leader in its field since 1954, creating a product range extending from one-off components to turn-key systems. Wherever faster installation, shorter production times, longer service life, and higher machine cycles are needed, KabelSchlepp is the solution.

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Symeo develops and produces the most modern radar-based positioning systems for use in industrial applications around the world. Its products and solutions are designed to reduce operational costs while improving process controls, reducing error rates, and accelerating workflows.

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Moduloc has over thirty years of experience supplying laser-based positioning, control, and material handling solutions for cranes and crane operators around the world. Its innovative systems are designed to meet ever-changing and demanding industry requirements, enabling you to capitalize on complete solutions that maximize productivity.

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Control Techniques’ drives are engineered to save energy, reduce operating costs, and boost productivity for both industrial and commercial applications. Its solutions are ideal for a range of industries including ports, metals and mining, automotive, packaging, and construction.

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