Safety: An everyday experience

Safety: An everyday experience

In our world of fast moving parts, freely available information, and advancing technology, safety is a vital part of our everyday life. Just think about it. Whether you are at the job site, in the office, or at home there are opportunities everywhere to be safe.

Recently, I was with a customer who asked about the safety of AUTEC Radio Remote controllers. The easy answer would have been to describe the many built-in safety features of our AUTEC controllers. For example, in the AUTEC DYNAMIC series, the strictest of safety standards are implemented with independent testing performed by TÜV SÜD. These standards are highly recognized throughout the world. But in responding, I was struck by how the answer goes far beyond the well-documented safety record of our AUTEC controllers. We must look at the total value of safety, not just the inherent safety of the equipment, but the implementation, guidelines, and advancements in this field.

There are a wide variety of considerations for a comprehensive safety program:

  • Ongoing safety-focused education for employees and their supervisors,
  • Regular and up-to-date training in the proper use of equipment,
  • Availability and accessibility of personal protection equipment,
  • Improved environmental awareness,
  • Correct work procedures,
  • A program of scheduled testing and preventative maintenance of equipment by qualified personnel, and
  • Institution of a periodic review process for implementing improvements to the safety program.

These are just a few good examples. They key here is to focus on the creation of a climate of safety, with the ultimate goal of preventing injury and near misses. Safety is an everyday experience. In all that we do, no matter where we are, we should take the time to keep safe practices at the forefront of our thinking.

What makes you want to stay safe?

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