Robots and Cobots

Rotalec represents cutting-edge suppliers of robotic components and applications, from integrating the newer Collaborative Robots into work alongside the human workforce, through to installing the more traditional robotics requiring commissioning behind safety measures installed to protect your workforce.  With a range of robots at hand, we offer robotic solutions for a range of environments and payloads to enhance your efficiency and improve your operations.

Product Options

  • Table Top Compact Human scale robots for payloads from 4kg to 20kg, reach to 1.5m.
  • 4 axis SCARA.
  • 5,6,7 Axis Articulated, Medical/Pharmaceutical.
  • Standard, Safe, and Suitable for Collaborative Operation.
  • Industry Standard Cycle Times to 0.28seconds SCARA, and 0.33 seconds – 6 Axis Articulated.
  • Industrial Duty Cycle.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership.

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