Controllers/HMI/Networking, IIoT

Advances in technology afford better convenience and instant responses for your machines and systems. Rotalec represents exceptional suppliers of high-tech components to drive better performance and greater control over your company’s applications. Intelligent interfaces, remote machine access, and networked solutions help your machinery run smoothly and efficiently.

Product Options

  • Cloud engineering tools
  • Distributed I/Os
  • Ethernet modems
  • Flexible HMI software
  • HMI / Touch screens for all environments
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Industrial phones
  • Industrial routers
  • Intelligent operator interfaces
  • Network solutions
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Secure remote machine access
  • Wide range of industrial PCs
  • Wireless communication

Our company can deliver a custom solution to optimize your PC control and communication processes. Contact us to discuss suitable options to help you enhance your machinery environment or to place an order.