Automation, Sensor, & Control Products

Automation provides many benefits, including improved productivity and decreased overhead costs. These machines deliver consistent, accurate results that continually meet and exceed production milestones. Automation often also improves safety for workers, even with higher volume production turnouts. Rotalec is well-versed in the automation industry. Our engineers and trained personnel are knowledgeable and experienced. We can recommend the parts you need to design, build, and optimize your machinery environment.

Product Options

  • Color sensors
  • Fibre optic sensors
  • Fluid sensors
  • Level probes
  • Light indicators
  • Linear displacement transducers
  • Load cells
  • Miniature sensors
  • Photo cells
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • PLCs
  • Power supplies
  • Precision lasers
  • Process controllers
  • Programmable limit switches
  • Proximity sensors
  • Push buttons
  • Sensors for hazardous areas
  • Tachometers and process controllers
  • Temperature detection sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Vehicle detection sensors
  • Vibration sensors

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