Product Updates from Contrinex and HMS Industrial Networks

Product Updates from Contrinex and HMS Industrial Networks

Contrinex TRU-C23 photoelectric sensor

The Contrinex TRU-C23 photoelectric sensor is ideally suited for the presence control of transparent objects using UV light. Transparent materials, like plastic or glass, absorb large amounts of polarized UV light. With the TRU-C23, you can easily set the threshold at which the sensor switches. The shape or thickness of the target has no influence on detection, plus sensor performance is unaffected by dirt, water drops or aging.

Special optics with autocollimation ensure reliable detection and no blind zone, even close to the sensor or through a small notch. The TRU-C23 sensor system contains an LED that emits polarized UV light, a reflector made of special materials suitable for UV. The sensor’s operating range is around 1200 mm.

The 30x20x10mm housing is compatible with the entire C23 series as well as comparable devices. The IO-Link interface provides remote commissioning, diagnostics and parameterization as standard and at no extra cost. Sensors are Ecolab tested and approved, rated to IP67 and reliably withstand common industrial cleaning processes.

Typical fields of application can be found in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries when the detection of clear packaging is required. Benefits of the TRU-C23 include:

  • Extremely reliable detection due to strong absorption of UV light by plastic and glass material
  • Easy sensor set-up, even for thinnest transparent objects
  • Low environmental sensitivity minimizing threshold adjustments
  • Autocollimated, polarized UV light beam eliminates blind zone, allowing detection of targets close to the sensor or through a small notch
  • Sensing range up to 1200 mm
  • Adjustment by teach button or IO-Link
  • Mutual interference immunity
  • Enclosure rating IP67, Ecolab approved


HMS Industrial Networks eWON Cosy

HMS Industrial Networks recently announced the release of 4G LTE and notifications for the eWON Cosy. 4G LTE cellular connectivity (in Europe, North America) enables users to access, troubleshoot, program, monitor and control machinery remotely and where Ethernet is not available. Plus, the eWON Cosy, now supports e-mail and SMS notifications – once an alarm fires, Cosy users will be able to understand where and when the issue occurred in their equipment and/or process.

More about 4G LTE Connectivity

The Cosy 4G router connects to the newest LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks and ensures an automatic fall-back to lower cellular connectivity. If the 4G network becomes unstable, congested or unavailable, the connection will automatically switch to 3G (HSPA/WCDMA) ensuring continuity in connectivity continuity, no matter what the network circumstances are.

4G connectivity also provides better interaction and compatibility with the latest equipment installed by Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and better network coverage depending on the mobile installations provided by the MNO. The Cosy 4G comes in 2 versions ensuring a wide compatibility with major MNO’s and covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America.

For remote access, a SIM card with a data plan required to connect to the Talk2M cloud-based solution and access an Industrial Control System.

Now with Alarm Notifications

The alarm notification feature for eWON Cosy 131 was released as part of a firmware update which also includes a new modern user-interface, WAN fallback and support for 4G connectivity. The new firmware is supported by all Cosy 131 versions (Ethernet, WiFi, 3G and 4G).

Connected machines can now talk to its users with the new alarm notification feature. Users will be made aware of critical incidents via e-mail and SMS, and users can easily configure Cosy to send them directly to those who need to know.

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