Put Remote Sites at Your Fingertips with M2Web from eWON

Put Remote Sites at Your Fingertips with M2Web from eWON

Monitoring equipment at remote sites can be a challenge. Locked behind firewalls, builders and integrators conventionally had to choose between making costly infrastructure investments or getting connections using remote public IP addresses and accepting the associated security risks.

M2Web from eWON is changing the game – giving you access to any device at anytime from anywhere.

M2Web provides browser-based, secure mobile access to your remote HMI, PC, panels, and web servers to let machine builders, system integrators, and OEMs connect to their device from any PC, smartphone, or tablet.

How Does M2Web Work?

M2Web is a standard service of Talk2M, eWON’s secure cloud-based remote connectivity solution. It lets users monitor and pilot remote devices without needing to install special software or apps.

To use M2Web for your remote devices, simply install eWON in the electric cabinet of the machine. eWON can connect to an HMI, PLC, or industrial computer with a SCADA application. Using a spiral connection through Ethernet or a wireless connection, eWON is able to establish a secure VPN tunnel to Talk2Web. You can then monitor your device remotely as soon as the equipment is deployed, accessing it through your Talk2Web list using eWON’s free eCatcher.

This enables you to:

  • Troubleshoot problems from anywhere.
  • Perform remote maintenance.
  • Pilot and monitor privately and securely.
  • Give access to users while keeping programming features behind lock and key.

M2Web can connect to an array of HMIs, as it supports:

  • HTTP for devices with embedded web servers.
  • VNC for HMI panels making use of VNC technology.
  • RDP for Windows-based PCs or controllers.

Benefits of M2Web

1.       M2Web Is Device Independent

You can access M2Web from a browser on any device – no special software or apps required. As long as you’re connected to the internet, M2Web is at your fingertips. This helps you make real-time decisions informed by accurate data.

2.       M2Web Is Easy to Use

You don’t need to be tech savvy to access M2Web. You only need to log in with your Talk2M credentials, choose the device you want to communicate with from your pre-populated list, and connect. It’s that simple!

3.       M2Web Is Fully Customizable

eWON’s logo program makes it easy to customize your M2Web experience. You can tailor your M2Web portal to mirror your own company identity and integrate a login box within your website – letting you keep your overall brand experience consistent.

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M2Web is designed for mobile, agile builders and end-users, giving you access remote sites anywhere, anytime on any device.

At Rotalec, we offer a range of control and communication solutions from trusted suppliers like eWON to drive better performance and greater control, helping your machinery run efficiently and smoothly. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver customized solutions to enhance your environment.

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