Introducing Contrinex’s New Series of C23 Miniature Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

Introducing Contrinex’s New Series of C23 Miniature Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

C23 Miniature Cubic Photoelectric Sensors are the newest innovation from Swiss manufacturer Contrinex. They are engineered to integrate seamlessly into the operations of today’s high-volume, highly automated food and beverage processing plants, with technological advances allowing operators to maintain control and ensure consistency across discrete process stages.

Key Features of the C23 Series Photoelectric Sensors

  • Ideal for food and beverage manufacturers
  • High accuracy minimizes downtime
  • Fast, easy setup and reconfiguration
  • Best-in-class sensing ranges and performance
  • Miniature housing: 20x30x10mm3
  • Special optics for superior background suppression characteristics
  • Analogue and digital DMS output versions available
  • IO-Link standard on all PNP sensors

C23 Series Delivers Superior Performance

Contrinex’s C23 Miniature Photoelectric Sensors are available in background-suppression, diffuse, reflex, and through-beam types. Their background-suppression sensors feature pinpoint LED’s, which can precisely detect small objects without needing laser technology. Customers will also enjoy the C23 Series’ best-in-class sensing distances, including up to 300mm for background-suppression types and 1500mm for diffuse sensors.

The combination of reduced size and large sensing ranges to detect fast-moving objects makes the C23 series perfect for conveyer applications. Diffuse or background-suppression sensors are best suited for narrow conveyers, while reflex or through-beam types are ideal for use with wider conveyers.

If products require secondary sealing or wrapping, Contrinex’s C23 series’ retro-reflex sensors will monitor wrapped items as they are transported to the consolidation area, ensuring each unit is correctly presented and diverting non-conforming products off the main line. Operators can adjust the switching frequency from “Normal” (1.5 kHz) to “Fine” (500Hz) or “Fast” (5 kHz), depending on their individual requirements.

When products are ready to be shipped, a C23 series sensor will detect and count the finished packages as they move to the dispatch area. The C23 through-beam sensor is an ideal choice, possessing sensing distances up to 30m and simplifying setup with an alignment aid.

The IO-Link Protocol, standard on all PNP devices, allows C23 sensors to communicate with the plant-wide control system, streamlining the overall production process. IO-Link sensors are compatible with IO-Link master versions and permit setup and diagnostics to be centrally controlled. Parameters can be reset using predetermined specifications, minimizing the need for manual intervention and drastically reducing downtime. Values can be easily controlled via IO-Link for different sensors without any cross-talk or unwanted interactions.

Contrinex’s C23 series of miniature cubic photoelectric sensors is a cost-effective, adaptable and dependable solution for manufacturers across the food and beverage sector. With their advanced technology, the C23 series of sensors will deliver best-in-class performance paired with ease of use even in the toughest conditions.

Rotalec proudly supplies Contrinex sensors for factory automation to North American manufacturers. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our team of experts.

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