Heavy Industries (Mill)

The heavy industries require expert precision for all machinery and equipment to ensure safety of staff and accurate completion of projects. Whether for oil drilling, steel and aluminum mills, or something else entirely, Rotalec provides repairs, products and solutions, technical training, and troubleshooting for many segments of this industry.

We make it our top priority to keep your workers safe and your jobs running on track.

Oil and Gas

Oilfield Development

  • Service trucks
  • Off-road access
  • Instrumentation and safety monitoring
  • MWD
  • Drilling
  • Well service
  • Fracking Equipment, Chemicals, Tools
  • Communication
  • Refining
  • Pipelines
  • Engineering
  • SAGD
  • Oilsands
  • Carbon Capture
  • Onshore/Offshore

Chemical and Petrochemical

  • Plastics
  • Base Chemicals


  • Pit Monitoring and Remote Communication
  • Aggregates crushers, ball mills, separators
  • Heavy Haul Trucks and Shovels
  • Conveying Systems
  • Ore Processing

Foundries (Steel, Aluminum, etc.)

  • Rolling Mills
  • Pipe Mills
  • Smelting
  • Mini Mills
  • Stock Production
  • Plate and Film Manufacturing
  • Bulk Storage
  • Metals Recovery

Processing (Potash, Coal, Uranium, etc.)

  • Bulk Storage
  • Transportation of Bulk Product
  • Yard Storage and Monitoring System

Other Industries

  • Special Metals
  • Subsurface Mining

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