Products designed by Wago aim to answer reliably to various electrical interconnections and automation technology needs.

Wago products

  • Automation Technology | Bus couplers & I/O, controllers, switches, touch panels
  • Electrical interconnections | Panel Feedthrough Connections, PCB Interconnect, Pluggable Connection Systems, Rail/Chassis Mount Terminal Blocks, Shielding/EMC, Wire/Splicing Connectors
  • Interface Electronic | Empty Housings, Interface Modules, Power Supplies, Protection Devices, Relays & Optocouplers, Signal Conditioners & Current Transformers, UPS & ECBs
  • Other tools, accessories, software

An added-value partner

Empower Connections. With every little step that leads to more reliable results for electricity and data flow, Wago comes a step closer to its vision: Being the backbone of the intelligently networked world. Because in a world of exponential complexity and digital speed, it requires a reliable connection at each interface.

Electrical interconnection, automation and interface electronic technologies: For more than 60 years, Wago has combined engineering with innovation and, as a reliable partner, Wago strengthens its customers in all their challenges. The result is new products and holistic solutions that everyone can rely on.

To learn more about Wago products for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.