Products designed by Vahle aim to electrify various automated systems in a reliable and durable manner, guaranteeing minimal maintenance.

Vahle products

  • Absolute Positioning Systems
  • Cable Management
  • Charging Contacts
  • Conductor Bar
  • Contactless Power Supply
  • Control Systems
  • Data Communication
  • Specialty Products

An added-value partner

Electrifying for over 100 years. Vahle is a world leading manufacturer of mobile electrification products with over 100 years of innovation and tradition. This expertise has evolved to include mobile data and communication systems, absolute positioning systems and control systems.

Vahle designs, produces and supplies conductor bar systems for assembly lines, cable festoon systems for cranes, charging contacts for AGVs, data transfer for automated machines and positioning systems for advanced automation. Its proven components and systems guarantee reliability, longevity, and low maintenance for customers around the world.

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