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The Multifunctional Modular Automation System of Robotunits aims to achieve a multitude of solutions with the least possible number of components.

Robotunits technologies

  • Custom-Made Linear Motion System
  • Safety Fence System
  • Just-In-Time Belt Conveyor Technology
  • Extrusion & Fastening Technology
  • MBS PickStar
  • Multifunctional accessories

Technical specifications

More with Less.
Your Gain.

  • A Linear Motion System meeting the highest standards regarding its versatility, stability and efficiency.
  • The Safety Fence System is flexible and designed to save time in design and assembly. Easy ordering of pre-assembled panels and quick installation – by just one person if needed – make this system highly efficient and time saving. At the same time, it offers high impact stability and meets national and international safety standards.
  • The Just-In-Time Belt Conveyor Technology includes a wide variety of high-quality standard and custom conveyors and short lead times. The seamless integration of the conveyor technology in the Modular Automation System that save businesses design and assembly time.
  • The Extrusion & Fastening Technology offers maximum design and assembly possibilities with minimal time investment. A unique Extrusion Technology, available in 40mm and 50mm size systems, which are fully compatible due to a common 14mm slot size. In combination with a strong Fastening Technology, the system is unique in its stability and rigidity, as well as in its enormous potential for time saving, from design to assembly.
  • Maximum flexibility in material flow and supply, the versatile MBS PickStar scores with its small number of multifunctional components for a wide range of applications. The system runs particularly quiet and the durable construction makes it an ideal solution for workplace material handling.
  • All accessories are multifunctional and fit not only to an exactly defined component, but to all other components in the entire Modular Automation System. This is a basic requirement for a World-Class product range and saves time in procurement, engineering and assembly.

An added-value partner

Modular Automation System. Robotunits develops, manufactures and delivers high quality extrusion and conveyor technology as well as safety fence and linear motion systems for material handling and assembly applications. The idea of the Robotunits modular automation system is to use the least possible number of components to offer a maximum of possible solutions. For Robotunits customers, this translates into time and cost savings in design, logistics, storage, training and assembly.

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