Fortress Interlocks



Products designed by Fortress, global leader in safety access and control systems, aim to protect people and machinery efficiently.

Folding Guard products

  • amGardpro | Ultimate range of modular safety gate switch interlocks for heavy duty applications
  • amGardS40 | Latest range of 316 stainless steel modular gate switches
  • mGard | Premier range of modular robust trapped key interlocks for heavy duty applications
  • ncGard | Non-contact switch technology
  • tGard | Interlock switches and control devices for automation safety

An added-value partner

Protecting people, protecting productivity. Protecting productivity and most importantly people is at the heart of Fortress Interlocks. Fortress provides customizable, cost effective, and reliable safety access and control systems to help protect people and machinery.

Their systems create safe workplaces where employees in industrial environments are safeguarded from injury and equipment is protected from damage. A world leader in safety interlock systems, Fortress products guarantee that actions and events are undertaken in a pre-determined sequence ensuring a safe working environment.

To learn more about Fortress Interlocks products for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.