Doosan's Collaborative Robots are the ideal automation partner for collaborating with humans in an innovative, efficient and secure manner.

Doosan technologies

  • Sensitive & Safe | Enhanced functional safety based on highly sensitive torque sensor
  • Talented & Skillful | Precise and versatile force control for remarkable performance
  • Reliable & Innovative | Leading-edge control algorithm upon a robust software platform
  • Intuitive & Simple | Ultra-intuitive usability like smart devices
  • Masterpiece M-Series | M0609, M0617, M1013, M1509
  • Almighty A-Series | A0509, A0509s, A0912, A0912s
  • High-Power H-Series | H2017, H2515

Technical specifications

  • Best-In-Class | 6-axis articulated robot with top-class force sensitivity and collision detection
  • Sate-of-the-Art | Top-notch control platform for perfect and reliable robot control
  • Human-Centered | Capacitive touch and high resolution screen for friendly user experience
  • Value-Adding | Direct Control Unit - Cockpit, Mobile Base, Dress Pack, Stain-Resistant Model Enhancers

An added-value partner

The Cobot of the Future. Doosan is the ideal automation partner for human-robot collaboration. Doosan stays committed to developing core technologies in the area of collaborative robots, and more to gain a strong competitive edge in the market.

By providing clean water and light, as well as solutions that can help people build their lives and transform ideas into a reality, Doosan aims to create a world awash with opportunities so that everyone can fully unleash their potential. Building your tomorrow today.

To learn more about Doosan technologies for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.