MiR & Rotalec, the Autonomous Mobile Industrial Robot partnership

Rotalec is excited to announce our new partnership with MiR – Mobile Industrial Robots, a worldwide leader to optimize internal and autonomous transportation of various loads. MiR’s collaborative mobile robots are simple to integrate and easy to program, with no need for expensive and disruptive reconfiguration of infrastructure. Businesses see an immediate impact on their ability to process orders faster and reduce material handling costs to get fast ROI on their mobile robots – often, in less than 12 months.

As an essential partner, MiR products offering now open new possibilities to our customers and their businesses for automating autonomous robot tasks.

User-friendly MiR robots enable them to adapt to changing market demands, new products, and new production flows. Very easily, businesses can switch out top modules, change missions, and add new functionality, without the need for external integration services.

“MiR has experienced tremendous growth since we came to North America in 2016 and are constantly looking for opportunities to better serve our customers. With Rotalec’s Robotic Application Specialists and multiple facilities throughout Canada, they can be a great partner to help our customers with automating their internal logistics.” Matt Charles, Sales Director Midwest US & Canada – MiR

"Rotalec’s team is very proud to collaborate with MiR to form a partnership in Canada in order to Do logistics in a better way by optimizing internal and autonomous transportation of various loads. Their expertise in the robotics and cobotics industry – with their Collaborative Mobile Industrial Robots – will definitively bring our customers to new altitudes, giving them the ability to autonomously process orders faster and reduce material handling costs in all simplicity with a fast ROI." – Mike Daly, VP Sales – Rotalec

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