Doosan & Rotalec, an ideal Cobotics partnership

Rotalec is pleased to announce our new partnership with Doosan, a worldwide industrial automation leader for optimizing collaboration with humans in an innovative, efficient and secure manner.

Their cobots are Sensitive & Safe with Enhanced functional safety based on highly sensitive torque sensor, Talented & Skillful with Precise and versatile force control for remarkable performance, Reliable & Innovative with Leading-edge control algorithm upon a robust software platform and also Intuitive & Simple with Ultra-intuitive usability like smart devices.

As an essential partner, Doosan products offering now open new possibilities to our customers and their businesses for automating cobotics tasks.

Doosan – The Cobot of the Future – stays committed to developing core technologies in the area of collaborative robots (cobots), and more to gain a strong competitive edge in the market.

"Rotalec’s team is very proud to collaborate with Doosan Robotics to form a partnership in Canada in order to offer the best performing cobots and exceed the technical specificities of their competitors. Their expertise in the robotics and cobotics industry with their Industrial Collaborative Robots will definitively bring our customers to new possibilities, giving them the opportunity to execute tasks more precisely, with a better consistency and reduce their costs. We are confident Doosan Robotics has the faster ROI on the market." – Charles Éloquin, Vision & Robotics Application Specialist – Rotalec

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