Robotunits & Rotalec, a Modular Automation System partnership

Rotalec and Robotunits join forces to form an exclusive partnership to support the Canadian market. This agreement therefore provides the Canadian market with a modular automation system which use the least possible number of components to offer a maximum of possible solutions. For customers, this translates into time and cost savings in design, logistics, storage, training and assembly.

We have professional and qualified experts in order to provide solutions to some more complex machine guarding applications, conveyor solutions and linear motion systems.

“We, at Rotalec, are excited to add Robotunits to our range of industrial automation solutions. Robotunits is at the cutting edge of the aluminum extrusion technology worldwide. This association, combined with our expertise in engineering and technological solutions, makes this partnership an excellent vehicle of growth for both companies in Canada.“ – Farhat Buchh, CEO, Rotalec

“Robotunits is pleased to bring Rotalec on as the exclusive authorized distributor partner in Canada. Rotalec’s solutions-based business model and in-house expertise enhances the Robotunits product offering in providing a complete modular structural solution to its customer base.” – Juergen Roth, President, Robotunits