Case Study: Positioning Sensor for Bottle Labeller

Project and Challenges

Rotalec Bottles SolutionRotalec was engaged to solve a client’s problem to improve the slow pace of correctly positioning labels on irregularly shaped bottles by removing the need for human involvement in label placement.

The client’s product line includes a variety of bottles with shapes molded onto the front of the bottle. Before Rotalec was involved, in order to ensure accuracy and correct placement, it was necessary for employees to manually place the nutrition labels on the back of the bottles.

This approach presented the following challenges:

  • Time-consuming
  • Costly

Employing workers to manually place nutrition labels on bottles is inefficient and expensive when automated assembly solutions are possible.

Rotalec's Solution

Rotalec provided a vision and positioning system to ensure labels were correctly placed.

We created a vision system to ensure the bottles were oriented correctly when they reached the labeller in the manufacturing process.

Vision System

Using a machine vision system, the orientation of the front of the bottle could be accurately determined. The vision system would then communicate with the positioning system / intelligent drive to ensure label was placed on the back of each bottle.

Positioning System / Intelligent Drive

When we created this solution almost a decade ago, we used a TrioMotion controller to drive a servomotor, which communicated with the vision system. Depending on the input from the vision system, a belt sped up or slowed down to turn the bottles to the correct position as they moved along the conveyor toward the labeller.

Today, we would replace the motion controller with an intelligent drive to ensure even greater accuracy.

The Result

The client was able to include bottle labelling in the automated assembly process.

Key Benefits of the Technology:

  • Increased speed of labelling bottles.
  • Increased process efficiency.
  • Enabled operators to complete other work, rather than spending time labeling bottles.
  • Ensured consistency and accuracy.

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