Rotalec relies on experts from various sectors of activity in order to provide the best services to its customer. Whether it is the Division of Engineering, Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Procurement, Finance, Information Technology or Marketing, as well as Reception/Expedition, every employee as a key role in our success.

If you love working in an ambitious business which has its employee’s well-being at heart and you wish to face fulfilling challenges, Rotalec is the place to be.

Job Opportunities

In a few words…

Rotalec is a business specialized  in Industrial Automation products Distribution as well as High-Technologies customized engineered Solutions. Covering various areas of expertise such as Automation, Heavy Industry, IIoT, Machine Safety, Machine Vision, Motion Control, Robotics & Cobotics and Traceability, Rotalec’s customers benefit from its extensive knowledge of the industrial sector.

The SMB of around sixty employees which has offices in Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes, USA and the United Kingdom and who’s head office is located in Ville Saint-Laurent is in full expansion.

Among the business differenciating factors, we can note the excellence of its clientele service, closely collaborating with each client to customize solutions specifically to their needs; a team of employees dedicated to the business success; a strategic and operational leadership team counting on its key ressources, having its employees well-being at heart and putting all its effort to seek clientele satisfaction.

Rotalec is a business passionate about innovation.