Rotalec’s mission is to help our customers, working side-by-side to customize solutions specific to their unique needs. We are dedicated to providing process improvements that translate to big results for your company and your staff.

For more than four decades, Rotalec has driven innovation, boosted productivity, improved employee safety, and crafted original engineering solutions for many diverse technical applications. Our extensive expertise and years of field experience in machine automation and safety technologies allow us to deliver successful implementations for all your custom automation needs.

Trusted Solutions

Rotalec offers services both on-site and off-site for the convenience of our customers. We are happy to send a team directly to your location or to work with expedited shipping services to get your solutions and repairs in place without delay. Our company considers all aspects of an application or project to determine the best possible solution.

Our key service offerings include:

Our key product offerings include:

Serving Diverse Industries

Our customers receive tailored solutions based on their company’s requirements and goals. With our custom engineered solutions and exceptional partners, we can provide the right solution for each client according to industry standards and requirements.

Our machine automation and safety technology expertise ranges far and wide across many different industries, including:

Our Valued Partnerships

Rotalec maintains strong bonds with high quality suppliers, allowing us to provide bundled solutions for specific purposes and applications. Our partners are on the cutting edge of innovation and their offerings fit seamlessly into the custom solutions our engineers provide for our customers.