24/7 Safety with Cogan’s Machine Guarding Solutions

24/7 Safety with Cogan’s Machine Guarding Solutions

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), inadequate or lacking machine guarding is among the top ten most common violations year over year – needlessly exposing workers to occupational hazards including flying debris, weld flash, or moving parts. Machine safety and guarding solutions provide secure, physical barriers to help minimize potential impacts of on-the-job dangers.

Cogan’s machine guarding solutions have protected personnel from workplace hazards for more than fifty years. They are sturdy, wear-resistant, and available in a range of custom and standard sizes.

Cogan’s Robotic Guards

Robotic guards are ideally suited for robotic and automated equipment, protecting workers from accidents associated with moving machinery. They are engineered to help you set up a protected area quickly. They’re made from the strongest ten-gauge steel – securing everything from machines and tools to data servers  to electronics – and are wear-resistant, maintenance free, and available in Cogan’s powder-coated midnight black and safety yellow paint finish.

Cogan’s Sheet Metal and Lexan Partitions

Sheet metal and Lexan partitions help you secure hazardous and high-temperature work zones. The corrugated steel sheets contain sparks, spray, and other splatter, while Lexan panels allow for clear visibility and light penetration. They can be arranged in a combination of ways to create functional workspaces that meet the needs or your warehouse, office, or plant.

Cogan’s sheet metal and Lexan partitions are ideal for:

  • Reducing noise and maintaining visibility.
  • Providing extra clearance for moving parts and electrical wires with a standard 4” sweep.
  • Creating load bearing roofs for equipment that needs to be accessed from the work area with optional mezzanine integration.

Sheet metal partitions are made from heavy-duty, corrugated steel. They’re coated in a grey powder-coated paint finish for maximum wear resistance and are available in both custom and standard sizes.

Cogan’s Sheet Metal Welding Cell Partitions

Sheet metal partitions offer maximum protection and complete privacy. They’re made with heavy-duty, wear-resistant corrugated steel, making them perfect for dividing and securing large areas of your facility.

You can use Cogan’s sheet metal partitions to:

  • Separate automated machinery.
  • Block off welding areas.
  • Safeguard robotics equipment.
  • Create a defined storage space, as the panels are fully opaque.
  • Create changing rooms or private vestibules.

Cogan’s sheet metal partitions are finished with a powder-coated grey paint for uncompromising durability. They’re available in a range of standard and custom sizes.

Cogan’s Conveyer Machine Guards

Conveyer machine guards separate conveyers from other warehouse traffic. Fully-framed partition systems allow for access to equipment only when necessary, creating clearly defined workspaces and safe walkways for employees to circulate. These guards are available in midnight black and safety yellow powder-coated finish for maximum visibility and wear resistance.

Cogan’s Machine Guardrails and Safety Barriers

Heavy-duty guardrails create barriers between your workers and your equipment, helping you avoid unnecessary downtime and costly repairs. Cogan’s guardrails and safety barriers are strong – engineered to withstand a 10,000lb impact at 4mph.

Cogan’s guardrails can be used to protect a range of equipment including:

  • Manufacturing equipment.
  • Conveyer systems.
  • Staircases and walkways.
  • Computer areas.
  • First-aid and bathroom areas.
  • In-plant offices.

Cogan’s guardrails and safety barriers are available in a range of custom and standard lengths, both single and double rail. You have the option to choose between standard rails or lift-out rails designed to slip into uniquely designed “saddles” on each column. All Cogan barriers are finished in a yellow powder-coated paint to ensure visibility.

The right machine guarding solutions help create a climate of safety in your workplace. They ensure potential hazards are kept in check, your equipment is properly partitioned, and employees make it home safely at the end of every day.

At Rotalec, we specialize in machine safety, offering a range of solutions from trusted suppliers like Cogan. Our experienced machine safety team will work side-by-side with you at every step from assessment to design to implementation. Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your workplace a safer place to be.

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